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By NCD Blog on Monday, November 16, 2015
VCT Tile Removal, NC Dumpster, RaleighNCMany homes have Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT); above or beneath hardwood and tile flooring. These pliable vinyl tiles may look harmless enough, but VCT  can contain cancer-causing asbestos. Particularly for VCT installed before 1984, the risk of asbestos makes it dangerous for homeowners to attempt tile removal on their own. Instead, you should hire an expert to remove VCT from your home.

Why can’t you remove the tiles yourself?

In addition to containing asbestos in the tile itself, VCT often have asbestos in the adhesive, as well. Rather than diminishing over time, the asbestos in these tiles and adhesive can become even stronger as the years go by. The removal process releases asbestos into the air, making it dangerous to be in the vicinity while removal is underway. The substances used to...
By NCD Blog on Monday, November 2, 2015
dumpster rentalWhen cleaning out your basement, garage, attic or house what do you do with all the unwanted items?  Here are fives ways to get rid of your junk evaluating the time and expense in each case.  All categories  will require you to sort and separate the unwanted items.  Choose wisely and then start cleaning.

Junk Removal Company

There are several companies in the market that will come to your home and fill a truck with your unwanted stuff and haul it away.  Some of these companies will just take it all to the dump, others will sort the items into different categories and recycle, donate and dump your items.  You call to make an appointment and then just point to the items that need to be removed.  PROS:  No heavy lifting or hauling for you.  CONS:  You have to pay for this service and some services will not haul certain items so check before hiring.

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