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By NCD Blog on Monday, November 16, 2015
VCT Tile Removal, NC Dumpster, RaleighNCMany homes have Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT); above or beneath hardwood and tile flooring. These pliable vinyl tiles may look harmless enough, but VCT  can contain cancer-causing asbestos. Particularly for VCT installed before 1984, the risk of asbestos makes it dangerous for homeowners to attempt tile removal on their own. Instead, you should hire an expert to remove VCT from your home.

Why can’t you remove the tiles yourself?

In addition to containing asbestos in the tile itself, VCT often have asbestos in the adhesive, as well. Rather than diminishing over time, the asbestos in these tiles and adhesive can become even stronger as the years go by. The removal process releases asbestos into the air, making it dangerous to be in the vicinity while removal is underway. The substances used to...
By NCD Blog on Friday, September 18, 2015
concrete demolition, demolition, NC Dumpster

Concrete is a lot like a good friend. It’s strong and loyal and will stand by you for years, even through the harshest conditions; and in most cases, it’s very low maintenance. However, there may come a time when cracks can no longer be patched. What then?

What conditions warrant concrete removal?

Whatever their cause, deep, recurring, or widespread cracks are a sure sign that removal is the only remaining safe option. Removal is also the best option for depressions, or sinking slabs, as well as raised concrete, possibly caused by frost heave.  Also be on the lookout for widespread pitting, also known as spalling.  Under any of these conditions, removing the concrete is the best option.

What to consider if you are thinking about removing it yourself?

By NCD Blog on Monday, September 7, 2015
If you’ve purchased a historic house, it’s probably because of the charm of its original features and the potential you see to make it a showcase home. But owners of historic buildings face different challenges when making renovations than owners of ordinary homes or commercial spaces.

If the building is a nationally significant one – perhaps a rare survivor of the work of a master architect or craftsman, or a place where a historically significant event took place – it may be a National Historic Landmark, designated for their “exceptional significance in American history,” or otherwise listed in the National Register of historic buildings. Owners of these buildings are often restricted to preservation or restoration of their  home – retaining the building’s original fabric through conservation, maintenance and repair. Any demolition work done in renovating the building may be restricted to removing additions and materials from other time periods, with the aim of returning the building closer to its original state.

By NCD Blog on Monday, June 22, 2015

When planning the demolition of a commercial property certain factors should be considered and processes followed, each having an effect on the overall cost of the project. With so many factors having to be taken into consideration it is worth your while to sit down and plot out all items carefully. Is asbestos a consideration which will have to be investigated? Will the demolition be structurally complete, partial, manual or mechanical?  Will the clean up operation of hazardous and regulated materials be undertaken personally or by a landfill and haulage firm?  Will any of the materials be recycled with the goal of minimizing the amount of materials going to a landfill?  What permits, notification submissions, utility disconnections, rodent baiting and safety plans need to be obtained and in place before demolition begins?

The following headings outline the process for developing a demolition method statement.


By NCD Blog on Monday, June 8, 2015

Has the maintenance of an inground pool become a burden? Are the kids all grown and gone and now the pool is only used two times a year when they visit? Dreaming of having a rose garden right where the inground pool is now? Maybe now is the time to get rid of the inground pool. (Note: Before you remove the pool (especially if the pool is in good working condition), it is important to remember, that getting rid of a pool may cause your property value to go down. Therefore, it’s best to talk to a trustworthy real estate agent in your area before making your final decision.)

By NCD Blog on Monday, March 2, 2015

Want to change and upgrade the cabinets in your kitchen?  Here is a quick and easy way to remove those old cabinets.

Okay, maybe that is a little drastic especially if you want to keep your walls.  Call NC Dumpster for your demolition needs.

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