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By NCD Blog on Monday, July 20, 2015
So that garage is finally being cleaned out.  Boxes and boxes of items are being sorted.  Recycling some of the items will reduce what goes into the landfill, but there’s a difference between what’s for the dumpster and what’s recyclable. Many people make the mistake of mixing the two. As more and more people recycle there are some common mistakes made. Just because a piece of garbage contains paper, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meant for the recycling bin. The same goes for plastics, if something looks like plastic it doesn’t mean you can recycle it.

One important key is to look for is the “recycle symbol”- this small triangular symbol indicates which plastics and glass are recyclable.   Recycling is basically based on the principle that a material can be re-used after going through a cleaning and re-formation process.  A lot of items, due to their chemical components or makeup, are just not qualified for the recycling process.  When sorting items for disposal keep the following  guidelines in mind.

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