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By NCD Blog on Friday, March 11, 2016
NC Dumpster, spring cleaningSpring is here and it’s time to take care of those spring cleaning chores before the summer fun begins.  Most people think of spring cleaning as only inside their home, but cleaning up the yard also has to be added to the list.  So, here are a few tips to make the clean out run smoothly and quickly.

Besides general cleaning, there are certain items around the house that should be checked during the spring.  These include:  changing the heating/air conditioning air filters, cleaning lint out of the dryer vent, dusting the ceiling fans, cleaning air and fan vents in the kitchen and bathrooms, washing windows, vacuuming refrigerator vents, and wiping down walls and cabinets. 

This is also the time of year to declutter closets, cabinets, garages & basements.  Using a system to sort unwanted items (trash, donate, or recycle) is a good way to move through clutter quickly. Sorting the items into containers that will then be removed from the home is a good way to only handle items once.  If you foresee a large quantity of trash you may want to use a dumpster rental service - you place the items in the dumpster and let the service haul it away. 

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