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NO Biohazard/Medical Waste

NO Paint (Dry cans only)

NO Batteries

NO Propane Tanks

NO Liquids/Solvents/Freon/or Chemicals

NO Equipment containing gas or oil

NO Concrete/Brick (ask about dumpster for that material only)

NO Mattresses (extra fees)

NO Tires (extra fees)

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions section below

Terms and Conditions

During Inclement Weather Dumpster Services May be Delayed ,Safety is Our First Priority.

* No other material may be comingled with clean concrete or brick dumpster.  Contaminated loads will be charged $150 Mix Load Fee and tonnage fee Can only be filled 2/3 full no more than 9 tons . MUST let us know clean concrete or brick is going in dumpster when ordering so correct container is delivered .Any over weight cans will be at cost of customer (DOT tickets or will be left to download) 

Dirt dumpster can be filled up to fill line no more than 9 tons . MUST let us know it is a dirt dumpster when ordering .Any over weight cans are at coast of customer (DOT Tickets or downloading)

* Yard debris must be kept in a separate dumpster.

* ** AS OF JULY 1 2011 TVs and computer equipment, such as desktop monitors, printers, scanners and keyboards CAN NOT be put in landfills. $50 per item fine

To Guarantee Next  Business Day Service Place Order by 12:00(1:00 at latest), Monday Orders Must Be Placed on FRIDAY 

*Please always check size you want is available !

**We will always try to deliver your dumpster if request AM/PM but due to orders already on schedule and other events out of our control we can Not always guarantee it . Normal delivery hours are 7:30-3:30 Mon-Fri.Sat 7-2

Terms and Conditions of Dumpster Rental

  1. Care of Equipment - Customer is responsible to take reasonable care of equipment.  Any loss or damage to the dumpster will be charged to the customer.
  2. Materials Discarded - Customer is responsible for all materials placed in the dumpster.  Absolutely, no hazardous materials, tires, waste materials, liquids, asbestos, gas or oil, lead base paint, medical or biohazard waste , chemicals, paint cans (unless dry), Freon, kitchen garbage are not allowed in dumpsters.  Any fines, penalties arising out of materials discarded will be the sole responsibly of the customer.**Please NO Kitchen trash(parishable),Mattresses,.Large appliances,or Tires, .  There will be a charge of $75.00 for each prohibited item.
  3. Switches (dump and return) are the same price as first dumpster unless otherwise discussed.
  4. Weight Limits - Please make sure you know your weight limits.  Dumpsters that exceed the listed weight limits will be charged a prorated rate based on local landfill and dumping fees.($50a ton over)
  5. Rental Fees - Residential and commercial dumpster rentals are for 2 weeks unless term is changed above.  After two week, dumpsters will be assessed a $50 per week rent Flat Rate - Includes Delivery, Final Pick-up & up to your dumpsters Tonnage limit. No environmental fees, administration fees or fuel surcharge fees will be added to your invoice.  NC Dumpster absorbs all of those costs for our customers.
  6. Delivery of Dumpster - Customer warrants that there is enough room for contractor to perform the services required. Delivery and placement of the dumpster is at the discretion of the driver. Driver will make the best effort to place dumpster where desired. If customer requests that the dumpster is placed on the street or anywhere other than the above listed property, customer assumes responsibility for any permit fees, town fines, lawyer fees or towing fees.  If the driver is unable to make a delivery due to safety, lack of accessibility, and/ or refusal of dumpster, the customer will be charged a $125 trip charge. Customer must give 24 hour notice of canceling or subject to trip charge.
  7. Pick Ups-- Please call when ready for a pick up.  If you need the dumpster longer please call and extend your term.  Dumpsters are to be filled level with the top edge! If the driver is unable to pick up a dumpster due to safety, lack of accessibility, overloaded, or overweight the customer will be charged a $150 trip charge. Will be picked up(when called in) in 2-3 business days weather permitting unless otherwise noted
  8. Driveways and Property - While NC Dumpster will use the utmost care & consideration, NC Dumpster is not responsible for any damages to pavement, concrete, lawns, trees or shrubs as a result of the loading and unloading of dumpster.  
  9. Payments & Late ChargesPayment is due on delivery .  Rent, overages and trip charges will be due upon notice. If Payments is not received within 30 days a monthly late charge equal to two percent (2%) will be assessed to all outstanding balances.
  10. Collections - By acceptance of the terms and conditions and use of the dumpster, if payment is not received for services rendered, you are responsible to pay all cost associated with the collections, including but not limited to: collection fees, attorney fees, and court cost.Return Check Fees $35 each
  11. Credit Card Authorization – Due to the fact we accept payment via credit card by phone before delivery of the dumpster and due to the level of uncertainty, because fees and or charges can apply after the initial dumpster order, you agree and give authorization to NC Dumpster, LLC to retain your credit card information for up to 120 days beyond last day of your dumpster rental and to charge your credit card for any fees or charges that may apply which are covered in the terms & conditions.           
  12. Acceptance – Customer agrees to the terms and condition listed above, acceptance will be agreed upon by sending order and  the use of the dumpster


If you have any further questions regarding the terms & conditions, please feel free to give us a call or CLICK HERE to contact us via email.