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Buy, Lease and Install Vertical or Horizontal Balers

Ideal for ongoing recycling projects or for use in Warehouses, Drug Stores, Supermarkets, and Manufacturing Plants in the Raleigh area. These rugged balers produce bales of waste for ease in removal in various sizes depending on the model.

NC Dumpster offers a variety of both vertical and horizontal balers for sale or lease across North Carolina. We also provide nationwide sales services of balers. Call us at 919-337-3470 or use our convenient email form for all the details today.

Installation of Vertical and Horizontal Balers

NC Dumpster is a trusted contractor of one of the largest vertical baler producers in the country.  As part of their team we have installed vertical and horizontal balers in a wide variety of locations and under an equally wide ranging number of circumstances.  Let our experts professionally install your next baler.

Benefits of Baler Compactors in Business Recycling

Vertical and horizontal balers are ideal for recycling centers, transfer stations, manufacturing facilities and industrial/commercial sites.  Balers are valued because they:

  • Reduce labor costs and increase your productivity
  • Increases productive work space by reduce waste volume
  • Creates a safer work environment by reducing clutter
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
  • Generates Additional Revenue Stream