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Compactors help reduce your waste volume!

Whether you need a compactor for short or long-term, call NC Dumpster before you buy or lease elsewhere.

As North Carolina's elite waste management company, NC Dumpster offers unbeatable pricing on compactor installation and service in the Raleigh metro area. Contact us to learn more about our convenient leasing and sales options for your business, school, restaurant, or other location.

Compactors also help reduce labor costs which saves you money. Additionally, our compactors are ideal for recycling waste. Here's a summary of the types of compactors we have available.  Click though for more details.

Stationary Compactors

Reduce your waste volume 4 - 5 times with a permanently installed and powerful stationary compactor. Learn more about buying or leasing a stationary compactor from NC Dumpster.

Self-Contained Compactors

How about a powerful commercial self-contained compactor in which the compactor head is permanently attached to the waste container or receiver. In this case, the entire compactor unit is transported to the landfill and offer the added capability of transporting wet waste.  As such they are recommended for restaurants and cafeteria waste. Need more details? Learn more about how to buy or lease a self-contained compactor from NC Dumpster.

Horizontal and Vertical Balers

Ideal for ongoing recycling projects or for use in Warehouses, Drug Stores, Supermarkets,  and Manufacturing Plants rugged balers produce bales of waste for ease in removal in various sizes depending on the model.  Learn more about NC Dumpster Vertical and Horizontal Baler offers.