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Self Contained Compactors

With these powerful commercial compactors, the compactor head is permanently attached to the receiving waste container and the entire self contained unit is transported to the landfill for emptying. Self-contained compactors are ideal for storing and transporting wet waste which makes them an excellent choice for restaurants, cafeterias, and other business that manage wet waste.

NC Dumpster offers a variety of self-contained compactors for sale or lease across North Carolina. Call us at 919-337-3470 or use our convenient email form for all the details today.

The Advantages of Compacting your Wet Waste 

  • Reduce labor costs and increase your productivity
  • Prevents illegal dumping at your facility
  • Controls odor
  • Improves sanitary conditions
  • Prevents wind blown debris from littering your grounds
  • Decreases waste volume
  • Helps control monthly waste management costs