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Stationairy Compactors

NC Dumpster, North Carolina's elite waste management company, is pleased to expand our offerings of stationary compactors to our customers.  With affordable options to lease or buy isn't it time you reduced your waste volume?

Available in a range of sizes, our stationary compactors will help you cut your waste volume 4-5 times. These powerful, commercial compactor units are permanantly installed at your location and will densely compact general dry office trash, paper and cardboard.

The Advantages of Compacting your Waste

  • Reduce labor costs and increase your productivity
  • Prevents illegal dumping at your facility
  • Controls odor and helps keep rodents and other animals away from your waste
  • Improves sanitary conditions
  • Decreases wind blown waste on your property
  • Decreases waste volume
  • Helps control monthly waste management costs

For more information about leasing or buying a stationary compactor, call us at 919-337-3470 or use our convenient email form.