Choosing the Right Junk Removal Company

Now that the holiday seasons are over one can be sure that there will be plenty of trash in and out of the home in the next.  Along with all the disposable decorations and trash from parties, there will be items that have gotten damaged and cannot be repaired like plastic chairs or wooden items.

For junk removal after the holidays there are a few options.   One is to hire a truck to collect the trash. However, renting a truck service is very expensive because you have to pay for labor and the dump fees. For a lot of trash or if you have large items, a dumpster is a cheaper option. One will want to choose a company that is competent and prompt. Here are several areas to check when selecting a company for junk removal.

Quality Customer Service

In addition to the complaints and compliments that one receives from family and friends, one should gauge the junk removal company with the information and updates on its website. Flexibility, availability and communication are important factors for a good company.


Any company can pick a few boxes of junk and dump them.  However, if the site of the trash is difficult to reach an access path may need to be created. Most of the time a dumpster company will place the dumpster in a convenient location and the trash has to be brought to the dumpster. Whether one is having a simple job or lots of junk removed, seek a company that has the equipment to complete the job.


The pricing goes hand-in-hand with the volume of junk in cubic yardage. Companies would usually do a survey of the amount of junk that one has and make an estimate. Do not accept any offer that is not based on the volume of junk that one has. Moreover, reject quotes based on other variables such as time taken to remove trash and the manpower used.

Insurance Protection

It is important to hire firms that are both insured and bonded. The liability insurance policy protects the homeowner should the company damage property on site or any of the workers are injured in the course of removing the junk.


Look at the recycling policy of the company. If some of the junk can be reused or recycled hire a firm that has an environment-friendly dumping policy and connects with recycling facilities, scrappers, and donation centers. Such items will help the less fortunate or better, get recycled to save on the landfill space.

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