Out with the Old, In With the New

You had a great holiday season!  Your household received plenty of gifts.  You purchased that new set of candy cane lights for the driveway and those cute dishes for your family’s holiday dinner.  Now the holidays are over and you have to find a place to put everything away until next year.  The trouble is your house is filled to the rafters with stuff already.  So it’s time to get rid of some of your old stuff to make way for the new.

How to dispose of your old stuff will depend on what it is?  Did you get a new refrigerator for Christmas?  Getting rid of the old one will take more than a garbage can.  How about those old, broken bicycles that you never fixed or that cracked dining table?  Again, these are too big for a standard garbage can.  So maybe it is time to call for a dumpster.  For large items or a large quantity of items a dumpster may be the way to go.

Getting a dumpster delivered is easy.  The dumpster service will deliver an empty dumpster to your home.  With dumpsters coming in a number of different sizes you can select the size that will most easily handle your items.  Some dumpsters open up at one end so large items can be wheeled or carried into the dumpster.  Smaller items can be tossed over the side.  No bagging necessary.  When the dumpster is full or when you have completed your clean out, the dumpster service will come and haul away the dumpster and dispose of the items.

Now you look around your newly cleaned out basement, garage,  or bonus room and see all those empty shelves just waiting for your new purchases and presents  to be placed.  You never thought you had that much room in your house.  There is so much space you decide to hit the after holiday sales!  Don’t worry if you run out of space NC Dumpster will always be there to help you get rid of the unwanted items.

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