The Concrete Removal Specialist

For more than 10 years our team has helped our clients with all their home, farm and business demolition needs. We are highly experienced and fully insured professionals.  You can depend on us to effectively complete your demolition tasks at very affordable rates. There is no job that is too big or too small for us to handle.

Concrete is the single most used building material in the world and is probably one of the most durable. Just because it is durable, doesn’t mean it cannot develop problems overtime. If it is not maintained or installed properly problems may occur that may result in demolition being necessary. Things like asbestos (used in concrete in older buildings) and deep cracks just can’t be ignored. We are experienced in the demolition of patios, sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, and concrete structures.

When concrete problems occur and you are in need of  demolition services we are the company that focuses on getting the job done right, within a reasonable time, with minimal mess and at an affordable price.  When it comes to choosing a company for concrete demolition it is important to pick a company that uses state of the art equipment, one that has a knowledgeable staff and has great communication skills.  We provide all three.

Our company focuses on safety first. Every project that we do requires a site safety officer to ensure and enforce all safety rules and regulations. We are prepared and ready to deal with the unexpected. Our crew is highly skilled and can perform both heavy and soft demolition. The services that we provide include the following:

  • Concrete Removal
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Breaking Concrete
  • Asphalt Breaking (parking lots)
  • Driveway Removal
  • Foundation Removal

We provide quality, timely demolition in the Raleigh, NC  area and beyond.   For all your concrete demolition needs contact, NC Dumpster at 919-337-3470.